Monday, January 3, 2011

Charley's First Birthday Party

My little baby is about to turn one. I cannot believe it! She used to look like this.....

Now she looks like this.....

And she is into everything!

OK, on to the party. It was small. Which was good after the holidays. I wanted to decorate a bit, so it didn't seem like I phoned in the party. I got this idea from Martha Stewart's January issue.

Ikea for the vases and votives. Party City for the
crepe streamers. Wax paper instead of glassine. Lots
of double stick tape.

She started opening as soon as she saw the presents.
It is in the blood you know.

London and Lucca. Cute aren't they?

B in Charley's butterfly towel.
(Thanks Steph!)

I made the cake. Carrot with maple brown sugar frosting.
Surprisingly good.

Neither kid has wanted to wear the special
birthday hat.


Steph and Carson.

B i her new sweatshirt from Lee.

It was a good party. We had meatballs, really good melted fontina dip from Ina Garten's new book "How Easy is That?" (thanks Sandy, I love the book), Smitten Kitchen's mushroom with garlic and butter, veggies (thanks to Marci for the dip) and homemade ice cream. Though exhausted, it took both girls a bit to wind down. So, we were all tired yesterday.

Now, I just need to get ready for her actual birthday.

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Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! I LOVE to take pix, and I love to see others too! ~ Crabcakes