Friday, January 7, 2011

Charley's First Birthday - A Day in Pictures

Charley's first birthday was Thursday, the 6th. Can you believe it? I can't. I cannot believe she was born a year ago. I have to say, as much as I don't like babies, I love how much they grow their first year. It is amazing. From picking their head up, rolling over, crawling, walking and their first word. Truly amazing. Anyway, back to my baby. I think she enjoyed her birthday. Here are some pictures form the day.

B was up first. I swear I am going to cut out
her tongue.

Sleepy head didn't wake up until 8:15.

Sissy helped her out.

Charley still sits on the potty. More and more.
With more and more success.

Getting ready to take B to school.

Back home, we are playing.

Still playing. How cute right? Charley is putting the spoon
in the cup.

Finally got her out of the PJs. We went to pick B up
from school.

That may be some chocolate covered
pretzel on her lips.

Art during Charley's nap.

The finished product.

Cooking in the kitchen.

Isn't the dress cute? Grandpa and Pat bought it
for Charley for Christmas.

Opening presents from us.

She seriously has a gift for opening gifts.

Birthday dinner at SD (sushi dinner).

Eating rice at sushi dinner.
Those are cheater sticks.

Before bed. She gets to stay up later now that she is one.
And run the TV remote too!

These are just a couple extras.

I was doing vitamins one evening and Charley
came over, grabbed the cheddar bunnies and
just dove her hand in and had some.

Layla helped clean up the mess she made.

Lee gave Charley a singing Tangled doll for her
birthday. Huge hit. Charley can even press her hand
for the music. Then she dances around with Rapunzel
(sometimes holding the poor thing by her long hair).

So, what about Charley at a year old? Well, she doesn't say much (which KILLS me) but she uses a lot more sign language than B did. She gets around the whole house with little problem (she doesn't go down the big stairs yet - am I thankful for that or not?). As of Saturday, I have been putting her in underwear part of the day (sometimes with little plastic pants) and yesterday she only had own issue. It does take some planning and work. But hey, she poops in the potty 4 out of 7 days. I hate diapers and I really hate poop-y diapers. Charley uses a fork/spoon, drinks out of a regular glass and eats fairly well. She likes beans! And chocolate. That is bad right? Gets it from me. Charley seems to like B a lot and wants to be around her - and pull her hair. She likes hair, poor thing. And hair chachki. And pink and glittery and feathery and girly. YIKES! And art, of course. Yesterday Charley did shaving cream for the first time. Big hit with her. HUGE mess for me. That is what the bath tub is for. Anything else? She had been sleeping late. Bad for all the classes I signed her up for this week. Poor thing, but I better go wake her up.

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