Sunday, November 7, 2010

Charley is 10 Months Old (Yesterday)

So what is Charley doing at 10 months. Walking. A few words (ma ma, dada kitty), lots of babble. She is now bringing me books to read to her, then half way through getting down to bring me another. Going on the potty most every time she wakes up. The next step is every couple of hours, but what a commitment. What else. some baby signs. She sleeps like crap. The good thing is, in Chicago Parent Magazine, they had an article saying all the things we do are the right ones. Breastfeeding, not letting Charley cry it out, attachment parenting basically. But still, one night with a couple of un-interrupted hours of sleep would be nice.

Here is a little video of my girl walking.

Not sure of this will work.

Next up (maybe) Happy Birthday Mike! He is 41 today.

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