Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Mike!

Yesterday was Mike's birthday. You would have to ask him, but I think it was an OK day. He messed around with the computer and TV trying to figure out how we can run Hulu through the Wii. We are trying to reduce are almost gazillion dollar u-verse bill. We bought Apple TV and that is pretty cool. Besides, how much TV do we need? Anyway, back to Mike's birthday. We didn't have a "party," but Lee and Jeana came, Marci, Markus and the boys, and Grandpa (Mike's Dad) and Pat. I made pulled pork and an icebox cake. (OK, other stuff too, but those were the main events.)

This was around 9ish last night. Love the time change at lease for the kids. Me? I was up at 6 (which used to be 7 you know). Aren't they cute. Charley is becoming more cuddly. Or maybe she is just cold?

Oh, and in case you are wondering, Mike was 41 yesterday. Yikes. You know that means I am going to be 40. How is that possible? I was just 29. Seriously, it was like last year. Oh, post about Mike. sorry....

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