Sunday, August 16, 2009

B's First Movie in a Theatre: Ponyo

We planned to go to the beach yesterday, but were to pooped from a great time up at Camp Lee's. Then we planned to go to the beach today. It was going to be rainy. So, next best thing? A movie.

I have talked about taking B to the movie for awhile now. The plan was to go to to a special showing for kids - you know the kind theatres have once a week or once a month. It just hasn't worked out, so we decided to try Disney's new movie Ponyo.

I pulled the trailer up on the internet, and B approved. Many times. Mike and I were still a bit worried, would it be too loud? Too long? Too dark? Too scary? Would B be able to sit still?

Ponyo is a movie about a magical goldfish who escapes from her controlling wizard of a Dad and ends up washed up near the shore where Sosuke finds her. They become fast friends and even though Ponyo's father "rescues" her, she escapes again, this time as a human. It is a very charming story, one that is easily watchable again and again.

We bought our tickets, popcorn and lemonade and found a seat. OK, that wasn't hard, we were the first people there. B started in right away while we watched the ads on screen. She first said, "I need a flash light." I worried a bit more. But then the previews started, and she got into it. Then the movie came on, and she was talking to us like she does at home. "There's Ponyo!" I quickly explained inside voice, again. B was a movie champ. Sat still, engrossed, watching and eating her popcorn. When the credits rolled, she asked if they would play it again.

Here is a link to the trailer for Ponyo.

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