Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pregnancy Clothes and Woes

I have been struggling with clothes. Not entirely big enough for the maternity things I bought, too big for my regular clothes (read pants). Since I am really NEVER having another baby, I hate to spend any money on maternity clothes. But, I don't want to wear workout clothes all the time (the only clothes I have with elastic waists), so I have to buy something. I bought a couple of skirts in a larger size and I ordered some things from Old Navy as well as the Gap (both have maternity) and looked at Target. Well, I found tank tops at Target. That is it. The other stuff has weird prints/colors. And leggings. I don't wear leggings. I wore that legging look ala The Limited in the eighties. At least Target doesn't have giant v-neck sweaters to go with the leggings.

A couple things I want from Old Navy:

Light Weight Voile Top

Some things I bought and really like:

Smocked Gauze Top

Side Shirred Henley

Love this skirt, all kinds of possibilities.

I usually don't shop at Old Navy, no reason why, I just try to one stop shop at Anthropologie. And truth be told, I am still wearing tops from Anthropologie. Good thing big and blousy is "in." I bought jeans form the Gap. I want to buy my usual jeans, but in maternity, but they are so expensive. About $100 more than than usual. And I need more than one pair of jeans, since that is all I wear in the winter. The jeans from the Gap worked out pretty well. I had some length issues, but other than that. Oh, I know the frustration I felt with buying from Old Navy and Gap maternity, the return policy.

You can order from both websites, and the stuff ships together, that is nice. However, you can only return by mail. OK, I understand they don't want maternity stuff at the regular stores. However, I tried to exchange the jeans (not return) at a Gap maternity store and they said NO. Wild huh? Get this. I bought some jeans at the maternity store, one pair wasn't right, and I was able to return them at the regular Gap store. Now how does that make sense?

I am currently waiting for an order from Old Navy. They may only charge $7.00 for shipping, but it takes forever to get it. I ordered shorts (of course, it is now cold and raining) and a couple of t-shirts. Mine are getting snug around the chest and short on my belly. I want my stuff snug around my belly. I hate wearing a t-shirt, if they are not tight, they look boxy and I look fat. Bad. Bad. Bad.

Have I looked anywhere else? I online shopped at Destination Maternity. They have Pea in the Pod, Motherhood Maternity, and maybe some other lines. But I didn't like anything I saw. They all looked like maternity clothes. YUCK. I have also looked at A Pea in the Pod website. Again, nothing that floated my boat. I can go actually look in the stores, and I suppose I will have to, if I don't want to be naked in November.

I also shopped Anthropologie this week. I am still wearing their tops, so I thought they might have others I like. I found one, long sleeveless tunic. It will be cute with skinny jeans. And I liked another top, but a large was too large and the medium might only last another month or two.

Loose Leaf Tunic

I am sure there are other treasures at Anthropolgie, but someone isn't napping and gets cranky in the afternoon, and that makes my shopping partner, Mike, cranky too. What else do I need? A new diaper bag. I already have a couple traditional bags, which I just don't like to carry. OK, my Skip Hop stroller bag is great for the zoo (thanks Marci and Joann! Joann, Marci's m-i-l won it at a luncheon) but I feel like mom with a diaper bag. When B was in diapers, I used a large Matt and Nat bucket bag. So, I will probably pick out another cool purse. I briefly saw this one at Anthropologie, and need to go back and check it out.

This & That Messenger Bag

I just need to make sure it has enough room inside. And pockets.

Other clothes woes? The seasons. I need to make sure I have enough warm weather clothes. Who know how long I'll need shorts. I certainly didn't buy enough shorts. I only have three maternity pairs - and only like one. And then winter stuff. Do I need a coat? Can I just let my belly (which will be how big again?) hang out my shearling? Anf workout clothes. I bought larger tanks at Target - I love the C9 stuff -but they are getting short on my belly. Most of my shorts are OK for now. I do sweat, so I don't want to wear cotton, and believe me I don't want my belly to hang out and gross anyone out.

Any other pregnancy woes - yes I know clothes are low on the woes list. Let's see. Mike and I are the oldest in our Bradley class by maybe ten years. And the only ones who already have a kid. I ache everywhere. My hips, carpal tunnel in my left arm (always feels tingly, like it was asleep and is waking up), sinusitis, you name it, mine probably hurts. I didn't have all this pain (except the carpal tunnel-but I was knitting , so I thought that is what started it) when I was pregnant with B. I even am more active this time around. I would think excercising would make everything better. What do I know? I am down all the time and quite anti-social (OK, not so our of my normal character). The endocrinologist changed my thyroid medicine, that could me some of the problem. Again, what go I know? You would think since I have been pregnant before, I would know what to expect. Be on my way to an expert. HAH! I don't remember half of B's pregnancy, and it's all different this time (I think). From needing maternity two and a half months earlier, to exhaustion. I only have, what 4 moths plus. Just the blink of an eye right? HAH!


Jennifer said...

Awwww. It'll be okay. I love the sweater coat and the white blouse. Don't worry, too much about the clothes thing. You always look great. Oh, and by the way, don't knock the coolest sweater I had freshmen year. :D

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