Thursday, September 10, 2009

School Pictures Yesterday

So, yesterday was picture day at B's Montessori. And, from the moment we tried to get it going that day, to the time B left school. It was a cluster-f*ck. B didn't want to get her hair fixed (it needed to be re-dried after she slept on it). She didn't want to put a dress on, brush her teeth, go to school. I mean, pulling teeth!

We ended up riding the bike to school because we were running late (parking STINKS!), so her hair needed more help (helmet hair).

Last year, photos went smoothy. They took the pictures by class, first a class photo, then individuals. This year, they skipped all around. Kids in B's class wanted their nack (but they couldn't eat til after they had their picture taken. They did 3 from B's class, then did another class picture. It was crazy! No spanish class.

By the time B had her picture taken it was 10:45. I spent the entire morning at school with her. And that confused B. So, after her photo, when I went to leave, she asked to come with me. I asked her teachers, they said OK. o we rode the bike home and blew bubbles on the patio (thank you Cathie for the bubble kit).

Below is the outfit she wore, her new shoes and her hair.

Please, please smile.

My girl, the one with a stoic face.

So, no smile in these and no smile in her school picture. She had her tongue rolled and stuck out. She is a piece of work. Nothing anyone did changed her expression. I guess I should be thankful she wasn't crying.

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