Monday, April 5, 2010

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail......

B was pretty excited for Easter. First there was an egg hunt - for eggs with candy inside. Then a basket full of goodies from the Bunny. And lastly, time with her favorite cousin Jeana.

The egg hunt.

Space Monkey.

Grandma gave B this cool chocolate egg
filled with......

chocolate dinosaurs. A huge hit

At Aunt Lee's coloring Easter Eggs.

That is Joe at hte end of the table -
perhaps making Grandpa's "Baa" egg.


Easter Egg hunt. Even I got to play.

Jess and Jordan didn't make it home from
school for Easter this year. So sad!!! We missed them.

Charlie in her cute Liberty of London for
Target dress. I love that stuff.

Getting a kiss from Champ.

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