Monday, August 9, 2010

Here's What's Up Since My Last Post On July 22nd.

Spending time on the front porch (yard).

That is a baseball bat B is wielding.

Shadow got a (bad) haircut.

Layla got a new kong (thanks Kristine).

Grandma's birthday.

B got glasses (she is far sighted in one eye).

Blue and green of course.

Mike got a roof rack for the Land Rover (to go to Wisconsin).

Charlie playing with the cardboard.

We went to Wisconsin.

B swimming with Grandpa.

Grandpa doing motorboat.

Her first and second to last time in the water.

Spending some quality time canoeing.

Painting because B has a terrible case of duck itch
and cannot go in the water lest she gets more.

Mike and B fishing. A couple of days before, Grandpa took
B and cousin Eileen fishing and they caught 32 fish in
about 40 minutes.

A loon. Lots of loons in WI.

Yes, that is Layla on the picnic table.

Charlie turned seven months.

She is really growing. She loves pull herself up and stand
(even by herself, for almost a minute). She tries to walk
wjile you hold her hands. She is waving and
smacking kisses.

Charlie loves pizza.

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Jennifer said...

I can't believe I've missed so much. How did I miss your b-day? I feel like a cad...