Thursday, October 20, 2011

B's Latest Hair Style

So last night, after her bath, B asked if she could cut her Polly's (as in Pocket) hair. Mike said no. Mike went on to make me some tea while did laundry in the basement. The girls were playing or so we thought. About 20 minutes later we were watching TV when I noticed B's hair looked odd. Oh my God she cut it. A lot of it.

I fixed it with some color, hair spray and a head band.

After we explained that it would take long time to grow back and that we'd have to get the mullet she had left cut off, she was a little upset. She didn't want to go to school until it grew back. Right, like next Halloween?

I have to say, I freaked. I found a pile of hair behind the kitchen set where she was hiding when she took the craft scissors to her hair (you better bet that the scissors will be up high in the new house). She looked like Carol Brady. You know, the mullet look from the later episodes. Plus, she hacked her bangs.

We were lucky Rox had an opening after school today. I emailed her last night to give her the heads up and she was still shocked at how much B cut.

Rox started cutting.

And cutting......

And finally?

(Sorry the pictures are crappy, B did not want her photo taken.)

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Johanna said...

oh my god she didn't!!! This is my serious biggest fear. I would have freaked too. Good thing she's adorable.