Sunday, August 14, 2011

My 300th Post!

First of all, I really want to post more than I do. I guess it boils down to doing other stuff. You know, B, Charley (poor Mike bringing up the rear) laundry, sewing, Pinterest. But I do want to talk more about our comings and goings. But in the interest of my constituents, here are some pictures to keep you interested.

Charley is talking so much more! She is even saying things spontaneously. Yak, backpack, tiger. It is very exciting when it happens. She is babbling more too. Just little sounds here and there. And she is doing much better in school, you know, now that summer school is over and there is a break before the regular school starts. And the potty training is pretty much done. She has some bad days. But she diaper free 24 hours a day. It is wonderful!

B, well, B is B. Making zoos, loving to be outside. Asking to go swimming every day. She is feisty and a know-it-all about animals. And she tells you what she wants, when she wants it. Ahhh!!! She is one of a kind, but such a cuddly little-big girl. Always with the kisses and hugs. Oh and we lost her glasses, below are her new ones.

Me, well, I turned 40 on August 2nd (don't expect any actual pictures of me. YIKES, I am 40 you know). It was a good day. Mike treated me for a couple of days before and both he and my sister got me great things. Mike gave me a new camera, a micro DLSR. I love it. My skills aren't any better, most of my pictures aren't good, but they are sharper and clearer.

What else? No much. I am making Tinker Bell costumes for the girls and I have a stack of fabric for some fall/winter.

Here is a cute little shirt I made for Charley using a Target tee and my Silhouette machine. Rhinestones, isn't it cute?

What else is there? I am going to try and take more pictures with my new camera (can you tell, I love it? Mike doesn't usually buy me presents, but when he does, they are great. Silhouette, the camera, ice cream maker, robo grip). I really want to post more. I think of stuff to say, like why I was able to potty train Charley at an early age - we didn't give up, despite any messes. Or, a picture of my favorite things (the yellow sandals I had on Thursday). I feel like I am not posting all the stuff I want to remember. Cross my fingers I will be better. Of course, every morning I say I will be a better parent, then before my second cup of tea is done, I am yelling at someone to finally put on their shoes.


Jennifer said...

Love all of your posts and those yellow sandals last Thursday, too! ;)

Nichole said...

I can't wait to see what else you'll be up to with your Silhouette and the fall/winter things!! The Tink dresses are top of my "favorite" list right now!