Friday, July 22, 2011

Where, Oh Where, Has July Gone?

Seriously, my last post was the 26th of June! Where have I been, and why haven't I been taking pictures? What has happened since then? Well, we had Swedish Days in our town with a parade. Went to Brookfield Zoo. Celebrated my sister's 50th (oh my) birthday. Sewed some. Celebrated the 4th of July. Friday night movies while Mike is playing soft ball. Pools, Not doing to much, but busy at the same time.

Charley is seeing a speech therapist and saying more things. Up, down, turtle, I, eyes, in, out, good, girl, good girl, hi, bye, turtle, cut, cook, help, open, door, car. Some are clearer than others. Sometimes, she says it once, then won't repeat it for awhile (like today, she spontaneously said "thank you".) Last week, we started seeing Miss Janna twice a week. She gets more out of Charley than I do, so hopefully she will progress even faster. Charley is also doing better in school. Now, she just cries when I leave (or if I am late picking up). She loves music, loves puzzles, and loves the playground. She doesn't eat much there. Knock on wood, her potty training (are we still training? When does it stop?) is going well. There is the occasional hiccup, and we had a couple of nights were she wet the (I mean, my,) bed. But she went to bed early. She can hold it a looong time.

Let's see, what is up with B? She is a smarty. Starting to read more, sounding out words, and trying to spell and write them. Swimming like a fish. B says she cannot swim, and I guess, in the conventional way she can't, but she swims under water like a champ. She really tries at Swim with Bill, so hopefully soon, she will be really swimming. B also likes summer school and spending time up at Camp Lee with her cousins. They watched the girls while Mike and I saw the last Potter.

OK, if you are still with me, here is what you've been waiting for....

We haven't been doing as much art as I would like.
We changed around our bedroom situation,
so we no longer have a dedicated art room/sewing room.
But, B has her own room which she loves.

These are from one of our zoo trips.

Our town's Swedish Days Parade.

Should this one be a model or what?
She has the pose down!
The model-y attitude too. It's all
Charley, Charley, Charley!

I made this dress for Lee's birthday party.
I made one for Charley too, just never finished them.

At Lee's for Lee's birthday. I think Lee had a good one.

I made this cake. That is "50" spelled out with candles.

This is the cake from the party Dick threw for Lee.

Random picutes on our way to the pool.

Going to school one morning. My back pack girls!

B had a school trip to Cosley Zoo.
She got to pet a snake, and a chicken.

OK, here is another kid with model attitude.

Movie night with the girls. I think we watched
Princess and the frog.

Here they are helping with the popcorn.

My kids love popcorn!

This is for all you people who think Charley
is so cute and sweet. Here is a little tantrum she had.

I started this post over a week ago. I have been a terrible blogger lately. I guess there is other stuff going on. It doesn't help that we got a new computer, but all the important stuff was on the old one and we had trouble switching stuff over. The old computer ran out of memory, so I couldn't load new software to make the transition easier. I still have some more pictures I would like to post. My bedroom was painted, it looks so nice. We had some landscaping done, and what Layla hasn't ran over looks good. You would think I have more time not that both kids are in school! I feel like I never sit down while they are gone. It's all get stuff done! OK, Charley needs me.

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