Saturday, March 12, 2011

First Zoo Trip of 2011

When I checked the weather Thursday evening, I saw Friday's weather looked promising. Tired of being inside all the time, I asked B if she wanted to go to the zoo. She replied with an excited "YES!" It took awhile to get stuff (and us) ready, but we were off a little before 11.

I forgot sunglasses (for the kids, I remember mine).

B is mapping out our visit.

This monitor "interacted" with B the whole time she visited
with it. It stood on it's back legs and everything.

Dolphin show. I worry about captive dolphins,
but the girls really like the show.
I took really crappy pictures.

The lions (and the tiger I didn't photograph) were out
and loud yesterday.

Their roars are so loud! But really cool for the kids as well
as me to hear.

I have never seen the lions move before this trip.

Here are B's souvenirs.

This was the first zoo trip where I think Charley "got it." We didn't see that much. What with eating lunch and the bathroom breaks - have I mentioned B doesn't want to use the public potty? The toy dolphins were actually a bribe so that she would use the bathroom. Charley's problem is the opposite. She wants to go to the potty ALL the time. Whether she has to go or not. Every time we go out to dinner, she (and me) spend half the time in the bathroom. She is doing better with the pottying. Two weeks ago, she had 3 bad days, and I was ready to throw in the towel. Good think Mike is supportive, he said I couldn't do that. And you know what? She is back to going, and very few accidents. I still worry how she (and B) will do on our upcoming trip. With B not using the "public" and Charley wanting to go every 10 minutes, it might be a really, really long plane ride.

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