Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday 13 March 2011

When B woke up this morning, she asked what we were going to do today. I said, it is Sunday, family fun day. HAH! What did I do? So, we manufactured an adventure of bundling up and walking up town for lunch, chocolate and on the way back? The park. I should have worn sock, my feet were cold!

So, Charley woke up almost three hours before
B did. Very unusual. Guess who's napping now?
Anyway, they were watching a show. Sisters.
Aren't they something? Yes, they are.
A hole in my head. Oh wait, I promised Mike
I am going to positive, not negative. God help me!

Love that hat on Charley.

The girls love to swing.

Yes, B should be swinging in the big girl swings.

But, you know B. She has her own mind.

Sisters. Aren't they something else?

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