Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some Mid to Late March Pictures

Spring. Has it sprung? Today it is supposed to be 43 degrees and rainy. Good thing we have gotten outside lately. I almost can't keep the kids (Chuck especially) in the house. She walks over to the door and signs (notice she does not say) "more". Charley is doing well otherwise. Knock on wood, she has been really good on the potty - still false alarms, but way better than accidents. What else is new? My friend Sandy is in town from Seattle and I have been out to dinner with her twice (no kids, thanks Mike). Layla has been to doggy daycare and seems to actually behave worse than she did before she went. Not much else. B brought a cold home from school. But guess who has the worst of it? Yes, me! Charley seems bad too, but I feel like I have rocks in my nose.

OK, after that graphic on with the photos.

This kid (like my other) loves water. She will stand at the sink playing
(and making a mess) until I take her away screaming.

Ariel. Much beloved in our house.

Charley picks this coat out every day. No buttons
on it. So practical.

We have done lots of bubbles lately.

Sweet Shadow. OK, she isn't sweet. But poor thing
is becoming deaf. Either that or she is numb to my

See those crazy eyes. She is loco, man!

Art room fun. Beads and pipe cleaners.
Good hand eye.

Sorting shells.

Sorting, water play. This kid is ready for Montessori.

Do you like the way she holds the marker? I did not show
her that. Most kids her age, use their whole arm (from the shoulder)
when scribbling. Not Charley, she uses her wrist.

She concentrates so hard when doing it too.
What a cutey.

I have a "I'm cursed" story that I almost forgot. I told Sandy last night at dinner and maybe you'll find it amusing too. Since the kids played outside (and Charley dug in the dirt and spilled bubble solution) they had bathes on Monday night. After dinner B had a major freak out over a floaty Mike found in the garage. Good long tantrum. After, she refused a bath, so she showered. That left Charley to take a bath by herself (divine providence?). All was going well. Mike was sitting watching her when I came up to model the new bathing suit I got (too big, weird print). B came into the bathroom (mind you, smallest room in the house) with her vitamin cup (a glass cup). Just as Mike told her not to drop it on the marble floor - power of suggestion - she dropped it, scattering glass everywhere. Now I am barefoot, in just the bathing suit bottoms, B is barefoot, and Charley is in the tub smiling at me as she poops in the water! Seriously! Glass, poop, chaos. So I pull Charley out, pull the plug and pop her into the sink to wash her off. Mike is picking up glass and B is freaking out that the poop is still in the tub and not going down the drain (I should mention that B ha issues with drains and flushing potties - don't want to forget this so I can mention it when she is older and brings home that guy I can't stand). And you know, this was all at 7:45 at night when all good little girls should be getting ready for bed.

Hopefully that made you smile on this dreary day. OK, off to feed the birds, I mean squirrels.

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Jennifer said...

You are hilarious. Reminds me of my Jake with poop on his hands when I get pulled over by the cop on Anderson Blvd. on my way to the doctor b/c I am so sick I want to die and Max is over due so I want to cry, too.

Those girls are so beautiful.

BTW-June has the crazy eyes, too. Let's get them together.