Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kid Update

No pictures. But an a couple of things. Charlie has been rolling over from her stomach to her back since Sunday. She also likes to shimmy around, using her legs and arms to face a different direction or even get off her play mat. (BTW, B never rolled over. It was like she refused. The doctor would ask about it at the well-visits and I would say, no, not rolling over, but she says about 100 words. My luck, Charlie rolls over kind of early and won't walk or talk until she is two.) And I finally got her to take a nap without me holding her. Well, once a day she does it for me. But I will take it!

B's new word is buoyant. Sunday, she was telling Mike and me what was buoyant, and what was not. Then she said, "sorry Mom, but I am un-buoyant." Where does she get this stuff? I really need to watch the words I use around her, because her memory is tight. Some of the statements she makes causes me to do a double take. Is my girl growing up? She is also asking about stuff like the human body and bones and blood and lungs. I need to bone up on science. Also, every night before she goes to bed, she kisses Charlie goodnight and tells Charlie that she loves her.

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Jennifer said...

She is so sweet. Brilliant, too!