Tuesday, February 9, 2010

James Street Rehab and A Picture of Charlie

First things first - here is a picture of Charlie. I got the cute dress at the Gap. It is a 0-3 months. to counteract the shorter length, I got some hot pink leggings. The dark blue really looked nice on her. She is like Mike, blue is their color.

They are working on our siding. They started with the garage. Took off the old siding. and started putting up the new stuff. Some interesting stuff. The header over the garage door was rotted out with carpenter ants and the one side of the garage had dry wall instead of plywood sheets under the siding. They started last Friday and worked yesterday. Today, nothing. Snow is a good construction stopper.

The new siding is a nice grey color. It is
some sort of manufactured product. I wasn't sure about
it, but it is made with wood and has a 10 year paint
warranty and a 50 year product warranty. A plus
after living with peeling paint for several years.

More photos to come as more work gets done. We also need to pick out some tile for the bath floor. Not sure whether we should go light (marble like the vanity top) or a dark, dark grey slate. As soon as we figure that out, we can get it ordered and start the bathroom.

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