Wednesday, January 28, 2009

News from James Street: Mrs. Kravitz across the street

While at the gym today, I met up with Baxter's (a dog) Mom, one of my neighbors.  The first thing she mentioned to me was how little she thought of the lady that lives across James Street from me.  Baxter's Mom proceeded to tell me how "Mrs. Kravitz" yelled at Baxter's Dad, because Baxter was going to the bathroom in the parkway.  And how one of the neighbors was putting down mulch and "Mrs. Kravitz" went over and  told the neighbor she is a horticulturist and he wasn't putting the mulch down the right way.  I relayed that "Mrs. Kravitz" was giving grief to the neighbors that are remodeling their house.  Mrs. K called the survey office, and construction was halted while the neighbors paid for a new survey.  Needless to say, the first survey was right.  Then my husband saw her at remodeling neighbor #2's  measuring his new structure.  There are also the cones she puts up in the driveway, the no-parking signs, snow fence in the parkway, it goes on and on.  It was nice to hear some one else bitch about "Mrs. Kravitz".  Almost made going to the gym tolerable.  

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