Friday, January 23, 2009

El Gato Slims

I have to go to a christening tomorrow.  I will probably wear denim unless my local Anthropologie has  the El Gato Slims

El Gato Slims
They a a good length for flats - 30.5" - and they are on sale for $99.95, down from $198.  If I can get B and I showered and dressed, we'll go check them out.  Now if my local store only carried shoes.  Ah well...  I think I will see if they have these jeans too.  Also a good length for flats.  

AG Willow Ankle
31" long .  Most of my dressier jeans require heels.  While I love a tall shoe (and that is mostly what I have) in the winter when it's icy, it's good to be closer to the ground.

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