Thursday, January 22, 2009

Are you potty trained or what?

B has been wearing underwear since early June (08)..  She was a little young, but mostly got the jist of being potty trained.  Jump forward many months.  She is still having accidents daily.  Usually nothing too big, but a pain.  Oh, and never accidents while we are out and about or at while she sleeps (B started wearing underwear to bed about 2 weeks after she started wearing underwear).  And, the accidents at school may be holding her back from moving with the older 2 year olds.  So, I decided to go the bribe route.  Something I swore I would not do.  Maybe a dance of encouragement, but never a bribe.  Well, this never went the way of B will never  watch TV.  I made a chart and told her she could get a sticker and a treat if she had dry pants the whole day. And if after 7 days, she kept dry pants, she could get a new engine from the Thomas line.  The treats have been Tootsie Pops and iced cookies.  So far, only two accidents in a week.  One last Saturday, just a tiny bit of urine, barely wet, and yesterday at school.  Oh, so sad.  But the good thing is, she knew she wasn't getting a lolli when I picked her up at school and she was great the rest of the day.  Now the next question, how long do I keep this up?

This is B's favorite treat.  Frosted cookies.  
They are supposed to be a snowflake.

Chart with Stickers - morphed into a sticker when she wants - 
after she has dry pants and goes potty.

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