Thursday, January 22, 2009

School Today

It's Thursday, that means B does not want to go to school.  She woke up late (a little after eight) so I rushed her to get out the door by 8:35.  I did manage to snap this photo of her:
She picked out the dress, I picked out her coat.  She never wants to wear this cute little thing, and I knew I could get it on her this morning and rush her out the door without too much whining.  As you can see, Thomas the Tank engine is also going to school.  She cried when I dropped her off.  The school's director came out to get her, opened the door (before I could get out of the car) and started to take B out of her seat.  B freaked!  I barely got to remind B to keep dry pants and she'd get a lollipop (more on that next post).

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