Sunday, January 25, 2009

Christening Saturday in South Beliot, IL

Yesterday we went to my Cousin Barb's grandson's baptism.  We planned on leaving a little before 11:30 to be there at 12:30. Well, when it came time to get B dressed, she did to want to wear the skirt.  Crying and floor rolling ensued.  I figured Mike could stay home with her and I'd go without them.  I told Mike this and B heard and shaped right up.  So, we left around 11:30, but a gas stop put us behind and we missed the actual christening.  We made it for the party and it was very nice.  I got to see 6 out of seven cousins, plus Bert's new baby boy and her sweet dog and two friendly cats.  B had the most fun with them.  We we got home, I wanted to put B in her pajamas and she wouldn't take off her skirt.  Funny huh?

B having a snack in the car.  That is her fuzzy coat again, yeah!

B's outfit for the day. Tried to get her to wear her
 fancy black boots, but it was Uggs all the way.  
Underneath she has footless hot pink tights.

Cousin Al

Cousin Boo (Danny)

Cousin Tom with Kris in the background.

My husband.

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