Thursday, January 29, 2009

No School Today

I kept B home from school today.  When I picked her up form school yesterday, the teachers told me that B was tired and cranky.  They also let me know that another little girl has the croup.  And yet another little girl was home sick with strep and I stood looking another little girl with a  very  runny nose.  B took a long nap yesterday and woke up looking and acting better.  However, she coughed once while she was sleeping.  She stayed home because if she does have something, I don't want her to pass it on to anyone else, or if she doesn't have anything, I don't want her to catch something.  

The Mom with the kid with strep said the class is like a petri dish.  I have to agree.  I think the problem is kids can come to school ill, unless they have a fever.  I don't know.  Keep your kid home.  My kid doesn't need it.  So here's to hoping B is not too sick.

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