Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Made This Skirt!

I have a cute dark denim pencil skirt - maternity. But, it needs a shoe/boot with a higher heel. OK, for a "dressier" occasion, but I need a cute denim skirt to wear with my flat black boots and these really cute charcoal cable tights I bought at Target. And I really don't want to buy any more maternity clothes - though I really need them. Anyway, I remember a tutorial off of Grosgrain where Kathleen took regular pants and added knit band. I thought I can do this with an old pair of Levi's 505s that I have had forever. They were already cut apart, I must have thought about making a skirt with them years ago. So, I used a combination of three tutorials. One from Savvy Seams, one from Thread Banger and one from Grosgrain.

I used a seam ripper on the inside seams of the jeans, then seam ripped the back all the way up to the top. I cut off the waist band, and cut the front (way) lower than the back. Then I added a panel to the front (as seen on Savvy Seams) and sewed up the back (like Thread Banger). Stood in the table where Mike drew a line around the bottom where I then cut the excess length away. I haven't added a knit panel yet, mostly because I don't have any knit fabric. I am using a Bella Band to hold the skirt up. I may keep using the band, it is easier and I only have seven weeks or so to go until I drop this load. (If the baby doesn't fall through the bottom front of my belly first - what is that all about?)

The skirt turned out better than I expected. The hard part was I constantly had to baste, try on, then take it off and try again. It is real hard to try to pin things behind you. My back up plan was to buy a low rise skirt a couple of sizes too big at Old Navy, then cut the bottom off if it was too long. I still may resort to plan B. We'll see how the skirt I made holds up to wear and tear.

My big belly (33 weeks) and the skirt.

My big bottom and the skirt.
Big me and the skirt.

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Jennifer said...

You look great and so does your skirt. I can't wait until little Charlie arrives....