Monday, November 9, 2009

How Quickly They (B) Grow

I really never realized how quickly children can change the first year of life. Well, I know they go from being truly helpless to walking within a year, but I didn't really realize how drastic the growth really is.

I was looking through our iPhoto program yesterday, looking for pictures to put in a book or calendar for my Mother for Christmas. Either is a good idea for her, since there really isn't anything she needs or wants. She always says, "save your money, I don't want anything." But I know she would enjoy a little book of photos of B and she would use a calendar for sure. Anyway, I was as I was showing B the pictures of here when she was a baby, I was really shocked. Here are a couple of pictures that highlight her growth. Oh, and you know what is sad? Of all the pictures I take, so few are actually good.

I don't have any pictures on the computer before this.
New camera, new computer. My little chubbub.

Just a couple of months late and crawling.
Still not a lot of hair.

A little over a week after she started walking.

The walking really slimmed her down, and
oddly made her hair grow. Go figure.

This is when she used to let me dress her.
She would never wear this now.

Right after her birthday.

Not much different from the last picture.

This is from 10/21/09.
My grown up girl who eats
cake all by herself, picks out her own clothes, and knows
the difference between a quadruped and a biped.

I hope I am good about taking photos of Charlie after he/she is born. It is fun to go back and look at B as she has grown. I always think she looks the same, never changing. And she pretty much looks like herself in all these photos. A lot of the same expressions, doing the same things, and the same hair color (though it blonds in the summer then goes back to strawberry in the winter). I will have to remind myself to go through the pictures from time to time, so I don't find myself wondering when she grew up - though I do wonder when she went from 3 to 12.

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Jennifer said...

Great pictures. It's always fun to see them grown on film. Just wait - it only gets faster and faster....