Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Made These!

Awhile ago - couple of years even- I saw this cool product in a magazine. Which one? Martha Stewart Living? Real Simple? The now defunct (makes me sad) Blueprint? Who knows. The premise is, you take clear glass objects (vases, bowls, plates) and spray them with this Looking Glass stuff (this link takes you just the Looking Glass Spray. The kit I show below came with a sealant too.). *** Krylon makes some cool sprays. Glow-in-the-dark, Glitter, stone etc.*** They come out all mirror-y and shiny. And I remember, the magazine said if you didn't clean the glass well, it would come out looking like mercury glass. I admit, I didn't try to spray dirty glass. Next time. I want to buy a shallow bowl to spray next.

I bought this at Ace Hardware. I assume they
still sell it. I found it in the basement with assorted
glass containers.

Another who knows. Who knows where
this came from? I found it in the basement
with the spray kit.

The finished product. Do I need a photo booth
or what? With some lighting.

Here is a little votive cup. See how mirror-y
it is? You can see the camera.

So, what aren't you seeing? Flaws, drips, misses. You have to spray the inside of the glass so the curvy vases, well any receptacle, proved difficult. I needed to spray 8 inches away from the surface, but I couldn't reach every part unless I put the nozzle closer. And that equals drips. Still, they look pretty stinking good. My plan is to use them at Christmas, with some flowers or maybe faux glittered red poinsettias. I would love to try a metallic red spray on the glass. That would be perfect for Christmas. But, alas, the silver will do for now. It is a bit addictive. I wanted to spray everything yesterday.


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the tip. Now I want to spray everything. PERFECT Christmas decoration!

SmartPumpkin'sMom said...

From what I understood, you can convert old things into brand new ones! Yay! How cool is that!
Stop by at my blog , I got an award for you. ;)