Friday, November 20, 2009

B's New Favorite Shirt

In August, (if not earlier) I ordered B some stuff from Boden. She picked out a dinosaur shirt from the boys section. (She's a diehard dino fan isn't she?) It was back ordered, and then delayed. Every time a polka-dot Boden bag arrived in the mail, she wanted to know if her shirt arrived. Well, today it did. I debated whether or not I should hold it for Christmas, but I am glad I didn't. Her little face lit up when she saw it. She put it on right away. I think she will want to wear this shirt everyday. Worse than the whale shirt from this summer.

My little girl. Weird thing is, she wore
pink sparkly shoes today. Go figure.

Mike got a package yesterday. B loves
packing peanuts. They are a mess to clean up.

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jacquelyn said...

My daughter is in love with a Lightning MooQueen shirt (a cow made to look like Lightning McQueen). She has had it for well over a year. I had managed to not have her wear it for a few weeks, then I snuck it out to the Goodwill bag in the garage. One night she wanted to wear it to sleep. I told her it was gone. Her heart broke. I went to the garage and found it. She was so grateful she climbed up all over me and hugged and kissed me profusely. It's so funny how they become attached to certain pieces of clothing. This shirt is worn, faded, and a bit too small, but she loves it.

My lesson? Just like me, she loves clothes and wants to hang on to her favorites.