Monday, November 9, 2009

Surprise! Mike Turned 40!

This past summer, my friend and neighbor reminded me Mike's 40th birthday was this year and we should do something fun for it. So, one of us, probably Marci, suggested a surprise party. I sent out a save the date email in August, just so everyone could keep his actual birthday free.

I didn't do too much planning early on, except to think up an invite. I started making them a couple of days after B's birthday.

The invite inside.

The photo on the front of the invitation.

In actuality, the party was Marci and Markus's
idea. They were gracious enough to host the party
and worked very hard to make it a success.

My sister, (sorry, no picture, I never take enough and that is if Lee let me take a picture of her) Lee also pitched in to help. She got some homemade tamales (awesome!) made taco dip and guacamole, and even picked up the food for me! (I got tacos and rice and beans at a local mexican grocer.) Both Lee and Marci picked up the phone every time I called with a question of dilemma. It was hard, usually Mike is my sounding board when we entertain. It was also hard not to tell him! As the party came closer and closer, I kept making more and more mistakes, cumulating in sending the plate rental people to the wrong address!

We used the premise of a birthday drink to get Mike over to Marci's. I got him dressed by having Mike's Dad asking us out for a birthday dinner. It did get a little dicey during the day when Mike wanted to head into Chicago to go to Xoco for lunch. I felt bad when I had to discourage him, he seemed pretty grumpy after that.

I was surprised Mike was so surprised.
I thought for sure he knew.
(that is Emily, she LOVES Mike.)

Marci did a great job decorating.

The bar table.

For dessert we had ice cream sundaes, Mike favorite. I got four different kinds of ice cream and lots of toppings. Mini m&m's, mini reese's pieces, sprinkles, hot fudge, caramel sauce, whip cream, it was great.

I do have some other photos, but B took them after most everybody left! I hope everyone had a good time and I am thankful they came to wish Mike a Happy Birthday.

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