Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

I didn't want to do the usual Thanksgiving post. Anyone can be thankful on Thanksgiving right? What about the other 364 days of the year?

We did go around the table yesterday at Lee's and mention for what we are thankful. There we some sweet things, like my husband said he was thankful for his family. There was a thankful for my job, thankful for 51 years of marriage and health. Me? I was thankful I had eggs for breakfast. ( I had been out for a couple of days and had to eat yogurt.) I can't follow the trend you know. Because, every day I am thankful for my wonderful husband who takes good care of me and B, and works to provide for us. Every day, I am thankful that my Mother wakes up another day. I am thankful everyday, that B is a smart little cookie, who frequently tells me how much she loves me, or that I am her best friend, or that "we always like to be together." I am thankful, that while we may drive each other up the wall, my Mom, sister and myself, talk everyday to try and keep our family close. Every year, I am thankful my sister works so hard with her family to make Thanksgiving delicious and special. And every time B spends time with her cousins, I am thankful they love her so much. And every time we see Cathie P., I am thankful she is such a wonderful "aunt" to B. And believe me, every day I am thankful that this pregnancy is easy, and my future delivery is, so far, a healthy little bundle.

OK, now for the fun part. The cynic in me is not thankful for the following:

  1. Cats who throw up, all the time, everywhere.
  2. Family members who won't tell me what they want for Christmas.
  3. Though I am thankful for a husband who cooks dinner, I am not thankful for the amount of pots, pans and bowls I have to wash afterward.
  4. And yes, he vacuums too, but do we have to have the loudest vacuum ever?
  5. And I love my mother, but does she have to live an hour and a half away and not want to come to any holiday/special event that occurs?
  6. Why, oh why, does junk food have to taste better than the healthy stuff? Reese's Peanut Butter Christmas trees vs. swiss chard.
  7. Why is it Shadow (our dog) can run around after the cats, often jumping off the furniture to "get" them, but when you yell at her because she is in the front yard again, on the corner by the fire hydrant (where she shouldn't be), she limps and hobbles so slowly up to the door?
  8. The dishwasher. Yes I am thankful it washed the dishes (usually), but why can't it fill and empty itself? Seriously, I fill, run and empty the dishwasher every day.
  9. And I will regret complaining about this, but why is it I gain weight every summer when there are bathing suits involved, but I lose weight in the winter when all I wear are jeans and sweaters? Yes, I am thankful that I lose weight at all.
  10. Why is it B wakes up just as my toast is done from the toaster oven. It is like she wants me to eat cold toast. And forget about eating any treat behind her back, she can sniff that stuff out a mile away, asks for a bite, then finished it for you. IF you ask her to share? "Be patient and be patient," she says.
  11. And finally, I am not thankful that B and Mike bring random bugs home from school/work, give me a cold, and don't have the decency to even get a runny nose.
Hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving. I know I had a wonderful day with my family. And today, we will do nothing. With all the shopping hype, I feel like I an missing out if I don't participate. But really is it a bargain if I am trampled trying to get it?

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Jennifer said...

You crack me up. Miss your humor!