Monday, November 23, 2009

I MAde These! A Semi-Crafty Weekend

Last weekend was an extremely lazy one. Most weekends are lazy, but I don't think we left the house but three times. The major reason? Mike was out late Friday night. He, and some other James Street Dads, had a fun poker night to counter-balance the James Street Bunco Women. Yes, bunco. I know, I know. But it is really fun. I hosted this last Wednesday and it was great. It is very exciting when someone rolls a bunco or has a rolling streak. Anyway, Mike had a good time playing poker with the guys, but we didn't get to sleep until after 11:30 - late for us. This is on top of going to sleep late on bunco night too.

So, with Mike home, hanging out with B, I was able to work on B's tree skirt. I bought the pom poms last week, so there was no use procrastinating any longer. I have to start by saying I HATE my sewing machine. Why don't I buy a new one you ask? Well, I was going to, then my machine starting performing. Now that I didn't buy one, it is crapping out on me. It sews along fine for about 10 inches, then does what I call chunking. The bobbin thread makes a mess on the underside of my project. Like a nest of thread. Then, if I continue sewing without stopping, it fixes itself, then does it again in another 10 or sew inches . AHHHH!!!!!!

The other project I worked on was a t-shirt for B. I did a dinosaur applique with some cute fabric from Joann's quilting section. She already has the dino tee from Boden, so I thought I would try for another one. it is not as exciting looking as the Boden tee, but I think it turned out cute. And shouldn't a little girl wear a cute dinosaur tee?

I also worked on my Christmas cards. They are a bit time consuming - more so than B's birthday invitations. I will do more of that this weekend.

B fell asleep at the island before dinner
last Sunday night. She woke just as I snapped
the photo. Then proceeded to cry.

B's tree skirt. Of course, I will only put
it down when we have company. Otherwise, Annie
the cat will use it as her personal litterbox.

B's new dino shirt. At first she wanted a t-rex. I
didn't think a t-rex should wear polka dots. Not
very fearsome. She agreed to the brachiosaurus.

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