Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WTF? What Is With The Weird Dreams?

For awhile now, I have been having weird dreams. Sometimes I can remember them, sometimes I can't. I have had a couple weird ones lately that I didn't forget.

The first, I had one really hairy leg, and one that wasn't. I hadn't shaved my legs, just the right one looked like a man's leg, and the other looked like my leg.

The second, there was a knock on our door late at night. I opened to see some men who wanted us to give them stuff. I said, no thank you and closed the door. Then one of them ran around the back, and another started shooting at the picture window in our loving room. No bullets came through, and they were shooting around the perimeter of the window. I ran onto the family room to dial 911 - then I woke up. I think I had this dream because I woke up around 4 this morning and heard knocking or something. Turns out I left one of our cats on the screen porch last night and she was trying to get in the house - which leads to my next dream.

Lastly, I was either at my Mother's or my Sister's - I should mention, I have had this dream more than once - and there was a room full of cages. Cages that held various small animals, mice, hamsters, gerbils (how I could tell the difference I'll never know, they all looked alike). Anyway, I had forgotten about them. Forgotten to feed them, give them water et cetera. And one cage had a funky water bottle, not sure what that was about. Anyway, in one cage, I couldn't tell if some of the mice were sleeping or dead. Yes, bad feeling. Turned out they were fine. Yes, I realize this one is my fears about taking care of two kids, plus the menagerie of animals we have (including a mouse!).

There have been more, some really weird, some not. And vivid too. My sleep is often fitful, so I wake up remembering and then forget (especially if it happens early at night). I can only hope that my dreams return to normal after the baby comes. Of course, if I am not dreaming, it is probably because I am not sleeping.

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Jennifer said...

Here is my take on the first one. Boy or Girl? The second concerns about an intruder into your home(family) - i.e - Charlie. Good news, your not losing it. Better news - someday you'll sleep again.