Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

I wish I had taken more photos. That sums it all up. We had a couple of neighbors over so I spent the morning baking a pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting. Then I sat down. Big mistake. I was tired from not sleeping the night before and from Thursday night when I went to Kim's Stella and Dot jewelry party ( and ate too many pumpernickel pretzels - they were so good). Anyway, I sat down while B was napping and lost my momentum. So, when it came time for B to get dressed, both Mike and I were in a hurry to get the chili and the rest of the food ready before everyone arrived for trick or treating.

OK, let's talk Halloween for a minute. What is up with kids these days? Do they not want to trick or treat? Is it the parents? I LOVE Halloween. (I wish I had pictures of the house. Spooky windows with orange and purple lights, candlelit grave yard complete with a ghoulie, bats, a witch, spider and some webs.) We had maybe 10 kids total (not including the kids B trick or treated with). Mike said there weren't even a lot of kids out! Most of our neighbors were in the spirit, giving out candy and having pumpkin and other decor.

Speaking of pumpkins, that is one place I failed. I forgot to buy them until Friday, then I couldn't find them anywhere! B didn't seem to notice, but I did. Next year.

So, after trick or treating, we had a veggie tray, cool cheesey crescent ghosts, corn bread, crunchy green bean salad, bison chili, homemade malt ball ice cream and the cake. It was all good. I think all the kids had fun trick or treating and then wearing themselves out playing while the adults dug through the candy bags finding the good stuff.

B helping with the pumpkin cake.
(I guess he fell asleep while I made the
cream cheese frosting.)

Here is an out of sequence picture. These are
the treat bags B gave to her school mates.

B, the octopus. We tried to to get her black
Uggs on, but Bsaid they hurt. Note, they
are the same size as the red ones. B did
pick these boots out, all by herself.

Ready to go. Another note: I bought the shark
treat bag she picked out, but as of Halloween, it
scared her, so she carried her trusty pumpkin.

B and Max. B loves Max.

The cake, with cute little sugar decorations
(compliments of Jenn - thank you again!). The
cake was good, however, I wish I had used my
I used had too much butter in it. It was OK, but
a little fatty on the tongue.

B enjoyed her day. We went to bed scary late, but hey, it was Halloween, the day to be scared! Truth be told, I am still recovering today. I was up early on Sunday, took down all the Halloween decor, put all the entertaining stuff away, cleaned out my dresser (to make way for a new one - Yeah!) and raked leaves. I was happy we had chili leftover for dinner.

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Jennifer said...

Sounds like you had a great day and put way more into your meal plans than I did. We blew the pumpkin thing, too. We only had 2. Love the octopus costume and the red uggs.