Thursday, April 16, 2009

Williams-Sonoma Waffled Pancake Pan - Keep it or Return it?

We were in buying gift certificates at Williams-Sonoma and impulsively bought the Nordic Ware Waffled Pancake Pan.  It is very cute and shiny.  We thought it would mix up our usual pancakes.  We use Flappin' Jack, also from Williams-Sonoma.  It is a very tasty mix.  A little sweet.  

So Mike fired up the pan Sunday morning.  It made OK waffles.  Mike said they are hard to turn.  The nice part was the syrup pooled up on the pancakes instead of running over the side.  It cleaned up nicely also.  

It is going back though.  It just isn't cool enough to keep.  I really wanted to love it because it looks so cool.  

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