Sunday, April 12, 2009

Super Tot Sports

I signed B up for a Parent/Tot Super Sports class through our park district.  A new sport is introduced each week.  This was our first class and Coach Derek introduced soccer.  This is a typical toddler/perk district class.  Parents do most of the work.   Coach Derek and his helpers direct the activity. The problem I have with this is the kids don't interact with each other (which is what I want for B) they interact with their parents.   Still, the instructors were mildly entertaining and once B got over her initial shyness, she had a good time.  

B was suppose to use her feet, Mike thinks B 
might be a good goalie.

Trying to steal the ball from Mike.

Stopping the ball with her foot.

Something that surprised me is how fast B runs.  All the kids lined up to run across the gym and B was first over the line. I know she wasn't the oldest, because most of the kids were bigger.  Another surprise, she didn't follow Derek's directions, even when Mike and I reiterated them.  She was tired - big surprise.  No naps Wednesday and Thursday and only an hour or so on Friday (in the car back from my Mom's).  Fell asleep when we got home.  Still, B had fun.  That's what matters.

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