Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Saturday Night at B's Cousin's House

Saturday evening (after the cake and cupcake baking) we went over to Mike's sister's house to celebrate both  Mr. B's birthday and Pat's birthday.   Kate (Mike's sister) made a great pot roast that she cooked in red wine.  B really liked it.  She also made polenta.  It was a great meal.  Though I have to mention the melba toast crackers she had.  I think they were sea salt melbas and I loved them.  After dinner, the kids colored Easter Eggs.

Left to right facing the camera: Ryan, Maggie and Mr. B.

Ryan and Maggie.

Matt and Eileen.

Mike and B.

I am glad they colored Easter Eggs.   We never got around to it at our house.  B skipped naps on Wednesday and Thursday and we went to my Mom's on Friday.  I still have the hard boiled eggs in the frig.  They'll start to stink soon, I better get rid of them. 

Matt put on some music and the girls all danced around.

(There is supposed to be a video of the girls dancing - but shocker - it didn't upload.)

We got home late, but B really had a good time.  


Stephanie said...

Cupcakes and cousins in the same day??
Two of our favorite things.

Georgine said...

It was a busy weekend for cousins and cake. We went to my sister's on Sunday (and had cupcakes).