Monday, April 27, 2009

B's Butterflies

Mike bought B a butterfly net from the $1 bin at Target.  She like waving it around, but decided she needed some butterflies to catch in her net.

I cut out the butterflies and B decorated them.  
B loves pom poms.

B likes to glue to.  Just not her fingers.

"Stay in the net."

B's Handy Work.

Butterflies in the net.

Catching butterflies.



Anonymous said...

Have I told you lately what a good mom you are? I have to run to Target now - $1 nets don't last long and they are a STAPLE of summer entertainment. Would B want to hunt frogs with me?

Amanda said...

Maddie has a net too, of course I didn't think to make butterflies for it though! Thanks for the great idea!