Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cake Balls

I originally saw these cool looking treats on  the blog Funny Days with Mommy and Maddie.  I followed the trail to Bakerella.   Both blogs make the cake balls look incredible.  I thought the eggs on Funny Days with Mommy and Maddie would be cute for Easter.  I studied Bakerella's blog, found both a chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting recipes (both from Cook's Illustrated).  Mixed the cake and frosting together and shaped them - OK, my husband shaped the eggs.  That is where the fun ended.  Dipping them is very hard.  Especially since you chill the balls.   Here is my attempt.  

The bunnies above are coated with white chocolate.  I melted in the microwave.  As soon as I tried to coat a ball, the chocolate firmed up because the cake balls were cold.  Next, I tried a double boiler with the white chocolate and that worked better.  My sister-in-law told me to make sure the chocolate wasn't too hot or else it slides off.  

I also tried to use Wilton's candy melt.   I just couldn't get the coating nice and smooth. In fact, I think I overheated it.  I contacted Amanda, who writes Funny Days and she told me to add shortening to my candy melts.   I am going to try that tonight.   Next post will have photos showing the gloppy candy melts.

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