Saturday, April 25, 2009

Painting with Dandelions

B and I were running around the yard with a soccer ball when I noticed all the dandelions that had sprouted over night.  I asked B if she wanted to paint with dandelions.  (I got the idea from 5 Orange Potatoes.)  All she had to hear was the word paint and she was all over it.  

These are actually new clothes.  I need to invest 
in clothes that can get messy.

Mike and B painting away.

I just used one of our regular plates and 
Crayola and Melissa and Doug tempera paints.

One of the finished products.
It turned out beautifully.  I may frame it
for B's room.

The used paint brushes.  I let them in a bad place,
B stepped on them.

This was really fun to do.  B even picked leaves (off the weeds in our yard - we don't spray) and some little purple flowers to use as paint brushes.  The next outdoor paint activity I want to try is yo-yo painting or jumping bean art.  Idea from Funny Days with Mommy and Maddie.

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