Friday, October 1, 2010

Where Have I Been? Mostly Going Crazy. Here Are Some Photos and Some News About Us

There has been a lot going here on James Street. Mostly, Charley not sleeping and me being grumpy. Also, prepping for B's birthday number 4. I planned way too big and of course, didn't quite live up to my expectations. Oh well, there is always next year.

Anyway, so stuff going on. Well, Charley is walking while only holding one of my hands (this has been going on for the last week or so) and a couple of times she has taken a one or two (once even three) steps on her own.She is also consistently using the potty when she wakes up (most times she "does both") and sometimes when she wakes up from her nap. But not before the bath. Then she uses the floor next to the tub. Consistently again. She is saying kitty, though probably only Mike and I understand her. And she is using some sign language. Mostly she is killing me - B too. Oh well, I am almost 40....

B is now into mermaids and BARBIES! Can you imagine? OK, today in the car the dinosaur was interacting with the mermaid. And she has friends that are girls. School is going well. She is working on putting letter sounds together for reading and practicing writing letters.

I think the hardest thing for me right now is balancing the time I spend with the girls with my own sanity. I spent so much time working with and playing with B. The books, the songs all the "conversation." B wanted (and wants) constant stimulation. Charlie is happy to be carried around or will sit for a bit and go through the kitchen set. And I have a lot of guilt because I don't play with her like I did B. Sometimes I just want some silence and a break. And, Charley doesn't like the books like B does. I am afraid Charley will never talk. B talked so early, partly because of all the reading and singing and such. Of course, I feel this guilt, but right now I am writing this blog post instead of spending time with my girls. When B was little, I didn't do as much around the house. Now, poor Charley sits int he bathroom with me while I clean it. I don't know, eat day I vow to try harder.

B and Charley helping me make cookies.

B in her Ariel gown. The good thing is the dress
isn't washable, so she has to take it off sometimes.

Charley loves digging around in the kitchen set.

Great eyes and smile.

Fun afternoon at the park.

Charley is just like B, loves the swing.

It is hard to get B off the swing.

Grammy bought B a bouncy house for her birthday.

It pretty much rocks.

We have set it up almost everyday since it came.

Did you know grasshoppers can fly? This one flew from our
porch a tree on the parkway. It was way cool.

This is B trying to crawl up the tree like the grasshopper.

I was cleaning the bathroom, and this big guy was behind
the trash can. I set him loose outside. But EWE!!!!!!

I know I am bias, but really cute.

She thinks she all that and a bag of chips.

There isn't a photo sessions where B doesn't
try and stick her tongue out.

Next post up is about B's birthday party. It was yesterday (I started this post on Friday, just finishing it now). It was a success I think. But we (except Charley who slept through most of the birthday) are all tired. And B was up early today. And now, at 9:27, she is already cranky. Did I mention these kids are killing me?


Jennifer said...

Don't worry about Charley, she'll be fine. Your greatest gift to B is Charley. You are a great mom.

If you need a me.

Really, really lonely.....


Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

I Love Charley and B they are so cute! I didn't know B had glasses I just got glasses...... Charley and B need to come over!!!!!

Ella D.

Anonymous said...

you have the cutest girls EVER!! Did you get my Halloween party invite?????