Thursday, October 14, 2010

Art on James Street (And Scenes From The Front Porch)

Now that Charley is a little older (but not as old as I think she is - I must remember she is only 9 months and not the 1 1/2 I wish she were) we are doing more art. B is doing more painting and I am able to introduce more ideas. I have found a couple of blogs I like for inspiration. One is the Artful Parent. I found Jean via the Picky Apple. The Artful Parent has led me to a couple of books that have helped me understand how to foster creativity - my main goal. I found some of the stuff I did with B wasn't so good. Mainly trying to get her to create stuff that I thought looked like something. Well, you know, kids are like pancakes, the first is just a trial....

Anyway, the books I am reading are Young at Art and Please Touch both by Susan Striker, and First Art by MaryAnn Kohl.

Of course, it is slow reading. Where do all these blogging moms find the time? Right now, B is upstairs playing (which is fine) and Charley is digging through the pantry trying to drink the vanilla (I'll take that...). My plan is, once I am all learned, is to put together an art group. Where the kids can explore and try new things all in the safety of my kitchen (don't tell Mike). We'll see how everything goes. I need to make sure I have my patience hat on, you know the one I have on somewhere sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

This is Charley's first scribble. (the green blob is leftover
from something B did).

This is B's watercolor. She used rubber
cement first. After it dried, she painted with watercolor.
After that, more drying then I helped her rub
off the rubber cement. Voila!

This is mine.

Here are yesterday's scenes from the front porch.

We were doing bubbles. Have to take advantage of
the nice weather.

While at Gymboree play, I realized that I never blow bubbles
for Charley like I did for B. Charley, of course, loves them. Poor
Chuck, she sometimes gets the shaft.

B was chasing them into the yard. There also may have
been an attempt to fly a kite.

Mike came home and joined us. This porch
has changed our lives. An overstatement? Not really.
Now it is more enjoyable to sit outside while B plays.
Now we just need to work on the mountains of poop the
dogs make and our crappy back patio.

Charley just loves her photo taken.

This isn't from the porch, but Layla, despite her proclivity
for destruction, is a loving dog to the kids. She is
very gentle. Charley and B climb all over her.

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Jennifer said...

Let me know when you want to do "art day". I have TONS of stuff to share with the girls that I know they'd love!