Sunday, October 10, 2010

B's 4th Birthday - Party and All

So, B is four. On the fourth actually. Someone asked if she seems older, and I replied, for the most part, B is older than her 4 years. She is still a bit immature about other things though. Maybe a nice balance? We'll see as she gets older. B's traits? Persistence - she is tenacious as all get out. Inquisitive - literally hundreds of questions a day (OK, some are repetitive and sometimes I have to kabosh the whys). B loves books, she reads a tiny bit, but will bring us books to read until we cut her off. (Charley did not get this at all. Reading her books is not the joy I experience when reading B books). B has a fantastic memory. She can hear something once and remember it a week later - it amazes me as well as makes me jealous because I don't have that skill. She has grown a lot this year, mostly emotionally. She is having more fun at school and is really into playing with other kids. She is a lot less shy. B will go up to and start a conversation with most any kid and some adults too.

B's party was a lot of work but also a lot of fun. I really wanted to do more decorating, but it didn't happen. In fact, I really didn't even get photos of what I did do. And the balloons got all tangled up when I walked out of the store into the windy parking lot. And, Mike had to come save me because the 4 bunches of balloons I got wouldn't fit in my car! Some day I really want to throw one of those parties that you see in the magazines or on the blogs. And you know, even though we had lots of guests, I really wanted to invite more people. There are people I didn't invite because, well one, you don't want to feel obligated to come or that you are asking them so they'll bring a present and two, my house is so small. But I love a lot of people around eating and talking and drinking. The pluses: Good entertainment. Great food. Ginormous and delicious cake. Good friends and family. And a very happy birthday girl. I guess there are no minuses.

B, the morning of her party.

Just a couple of the decorations. I had a fishy theme on the buffet too.
Yes, the O is missing from frog. I just took
these photos, so who knows where the O went.

B and Grandpa.

So what was the big entertainment? The Traveling Word of Reptiles. Chris was very entertaining and the animals were incredible. I had hoped to have them outside, but one of the minuses I didn't mention was the weather. It was cold (nothing like yesterday when the weather was 88 degrees). Still, Mike cleared some furniture out of the family room and Chris set up there.

The chameleon rocked. Both B and I would like to have
one as a pet. But, they are not good pets. They get stressed
easily. But then again, who doesn't?

Big, big frog. I believe his name is kilo.

Ariel, B's new best friend.

Scary snapping turtle.

B riding a turtle.

The kids sat well through out the show. Some were
afraid, some added to the entertainment.

It got hot in the room with everyone crowded inside.

That is a tarantula on George's head.

Cousin Eileen with her snake hat.

Total highlight for B. Holding a gaggle of snakes then..

She got to carry one around to all her friends. Thanks Aina.

This is Giulio.

Snakeskin belt anyone?

Baby alligator.


Seriously, B loved the show. I loved the show. I never
had birthday parties like this. Next year? Maybe
a carnival. Popcorn machine. Cotton candy.
Game booths. Hmmmmm.....

Julius Squeezer. 14 feet. 75 lbs.

Even Charley got into the action. Then she fell
asleep and slept for the rest of the party. Good
for all of us.

Lee bought the cake. It was massive. It made slices
as big as Charley's head. We had about 45 people and
still had 1/2 the cake left.

Marci took this photo, isn't it cute?

It really just isn't perspective, the cake is huge!

Cake is good!

My sister and her husband came early and helped, and Pat
stayed late and helped. Thanks to both, they really helped
make the party easier.

The birthday girl and her favorite gift. Ariel from Cathie P.

This was Monday, B's actual birthday. She opened
stuff from us.

She is totally related to me and my sister and her girls.
We love our presents.

Everyone needs a snake, no? B wished it were real.
To tell the truth, so do I. I really think a snake would be
a cool pet. Except for the food situation. I wouldn't be able
to feed it.

This post has taken me about a week to put together. Doesn't look like much, but it has been a bit busy around here. Shirl is in the hospital, so we have been taking trips down to see her. Chuckles hasn't been sleeping all that well and she wants to be held so much. I haven't done her 9 month post yet. Yikes. We are trying to do more art and crafts. And the dogs. Well, that could be a whole separate post. Oh, and look for a "new addition" post. We have a new friend living her on James Street.

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