Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Charley is 9 Month Old (Well, On October 6th)!

Yes, little Chucky is 9 months old. Where has the the time gone? I always think Charley is older than her months. Maybe that is my delirium talking. Anyway, what's new with Charley? Well, first steps. Still not a walker. She takes steps every day, but it is not her preferred mode of transportation. Too slow? She will walk 4 or 5 steps, the kneel down and crawl the rest of the way. Who knows? However, since the step taking has started, she wants down whenever we are out. So, it is slow, but she will hold my hand and walk until I get impatient. What else? 6 teeth. Did her first scribble with crayon. Is exploring (and maybe tasting) playdoh. She is in Gymboree play, Kindermusik Sing and Sign and a library class named Lapsit. She is getting better listening to books (certain books) but would rather have you sing her songs and dance around with her. She knows three baby signs: light, dog and bird. She nay have signed "more." Instead of the milky sign, she just pats my chest when she is hungry. We are working every day on the signs, so I hope it helps. As you'll see from the pictures I took, she is still burning through clothes at a rapid rate. This was her third outfit of the day (and still she doesn't have pants on, what happened to those?). Maybe I need bigger diapers? She is using the potty every time she wakes up at home (usually doing "both"). She is taking better naps (thankfully) but still not sleeping well at night (ARG!!!). Still, she is a cutey and I guess we will keep her. (I have included some photos of B at the 9 months. They really don't look alike, but they are similar - I can't figure it out.

For the most part, Charley is a happy little thing.
She always has a smile for someone who is
smiling at her.

Charley really likes playdoh. She pulls it out
of the container, smooshes it. Puts it back in the tub.
Oh, she likes pom poms too. The craft ones you can
glue on things. She'll take them and put them into
things. Holes, plastic egg halves, other toys
around her.

The girls in the craft/crap room. This room is my living
nightmare. Not much different than the rest of the house I guess.
But I really want order in here. I just need twice
the storage (and someone to clean up).

Wouldn't be a photo session of B didn't have her tongue
out in at least one photo.

Here is B at 9 months. It was the 4th of July 2007. Like the bow? Grandpa bought it.

What do you think? Do they look alike at all?

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