Friday, October 22, 2010

A Fine Fall Day On James Street

It was such a nice day, the kids had to go out. Even my little sicky - Charley. Yes, this is the first time my little peanut is sick. She picked up something during this most sucky week of my life. Most of my readers know, but those who don't - my Mother passed away last Sunday. So, chances are, little Chucky picked something up at the hospital. Or maybe Mike or B brought something home. Anyway, Thursday and today Charley was pretty much clingy. With a capital CLING!

We did go to the park. I figured since Charley wanted to be carried, she wouldn't mind being put carried around the park in the Ergo. Her she is on the swing,

This is Friday, I think. I started this post then, and now it
is Sunday. I don't know where my time goes.

B is holding a flower bud. She pulled mums off the
plant so she could decorate.

Here she is trying to entice bees to come for a snack.

Actually, one bee came by.
Maybe she is the bug whisperer.

A little art we did with the mums.

My poor mum. Between B and Charley, it has seen better days.

My cute little sicky. She is still whiny. Only wants to be held Getting vry old. Still not a total walker. But now she is babbling on-stop. Oh, and at the doctor, she was 29 1/4 inches and 20 pounds. So, she slowed down growing in length and definitely in weight. She certainly feels like a ton.

My Layla-Belle. She is a devil dog. Oh, and I will not be playing anymore with the layout. I don't know what I am doing. Oh, and I finally finished this post Monday morning. Charley slept like crapola, so she was still asleep and I got to finish. But now she is up. I am trying to do a day in the life post with pictures of our day. Wish me luck.

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