Monday, October 25, 2010

A Day In The Life of James Street - 10/25/10

**This post was from a week ago. The computer tanked and I have been a bit busy as well as just spinning my wheels. I started to put times in, but the computer power supply crashed and I lost the post. So, it is what it is.**

I decided to do some day in the life pictures. Today started at 7:28. OK, it started last night at 1 am, but who is counting. Chuckles is not a chuckles right now. She is still a cranky beast. And her sister woke up last night with a runny nose and needed a tissue. You know what I love? I am peacefully asleep, Charley is not waking me, but her 4 year old sister is! I mean come on.

It says 7:28am.

Breakfast of champs (for B anyway - I ate eggs).

My morning beauty.

Tea for B and me.

Sleeping beauty.

I took this one....

B took the rest.

Everyone wears skates in the morning, right?

Got to love the 70's headband too.

Off to prehistoric pals at the park district.

Chuck and I ran Halloween errands.

B made a fossil.

Charley down...

Charley up.

What's for lunch?

Looking at a dead bumble bee.

Closeup of said bee.

I went inside to get the camera. B called me.
This is why. IN the minute I was inside
Layla pooped in the porch. Nice.

Somebody loves the outside.

B suited up for our walk to the post office.

I mean our ride.

Pretty flowers.

This is a leaf jump.

Who loves to swing?

My girls.






They ate waiting for me to get the camera I forgot at the park.

Lost Charley again.

Making black playdoh for B's school mates.


Some spider huh?

Not much after this. We danced around the kitchen to iTunes for a bit. (B didn't want her photo taken, big surprise). Books, and bed for the girls. I made some more play dough.

So, now it is November 4th. I will post Halloween photos soon. Also, Charley is turning into more of a walker. Finally, right? She is mostly walking around the house. We went to Monkey Bisness (?) on Friday, and she was very walky. We also had another loss in the family. Our mouse Haji dies yesterday. She was over 3 years old. I am bummed. I thought she would live forever. What else new? Charley says Mama in addition to kitty and is doing a bit more baby signs. I am starting to freak about the holidays. So much to do, so little time. Actually, I really want to sit on a hot, sunny beach and watch the kids (including Mike) play in the surf. This is the first winter I am dreading. Wish me luck.

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