Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nothing New Except B's Birthday Invites

B's fourth birthday is coming up and she wants a mermaid party. Of course. You know I don't want Ariel - commercial -type stuff. And there isn't a lot out there mermaid that isn't Ariel. I found really cute dinosaur and lizard stuff for that matter, but not a lot of mermaid. We are having a reptile guy so, I will incorporate the lizards.

Oh well. I used the Silhouette to make the invitations. I am relatively pleased with the results. I am learning more and more about paper. I think I would have liked to print the background out on a glossier paper, the paper I used makes he printing look flat. I was going to cut out the seaweed, but I couldn't print the saying over the cutout. The mermaid (which I know looks like Ariel - B wanted red hair) is all separate pieces. The sparley bathing suit top is made out of glittery sticker paper. This machine is really neat. Plan to do temporary tattoos for the goodie bags (which I need suggestions for - that and some little decorations for the tables). My sister is ordering a mermaid cake (I would do cupcakes, but B wants a mermaid cake - this will be her first decorated cake. All the rest have been homemade).

Here is the invite. I placed this card on another card - kind of like a frame.

I will post things as I get/make them. I also want to make B a birthday mermaid shirt and some tissue pom poms to hang up. Balloons too. B originally wanted me to make everyone mermaid tails. That is when it was a mermaid/pirate party. This event has been evolutionary. I am happy we are having the reptile guy. I was sweating trying to come up with games or stuff for the kids to do. I was going to do a little carnival. I think I have the theme for next year.... Popcorn machine, clowns (OK, nix the clowns, who really likes them?) carnival games (bozo circus, ring toss, fishing (without real fish), face painting hmmmm...... I have a whole year plus. Wait, maybe I should wok on this party. I also have an idea for Charley's first birthday. Actually the idea for the invite. I just have to try it out, see if it will work.

OK, time to get ready for the day. B has school, Chuck and I have the Green Market and then a new class, Sing and Sign. Nxxt post is about a couple of the new things Charley has done.

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Jennifer said...

I love that you are even more birthday party crazy than I am. Your invites are always amazing!