Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rest of the Disney Trip

As the trip wore on, and B got more tired, I took less photos.  B was took naps every day except the day we arrived.  But, late night, early mornings and running everywhere took it's toll.  By the 5th day, she was exhausted.  In the first photo below, she was barley hanging on.  We were waiting to have sushi lunch.  

I want to mention the first ride we went on at Epcot that day.   The ride is Soarin' and it was great.  We did the ride swap, and Mike went on first.  We tried to hit this ride on our last trip to Disney, but the queue was sooo long and the fast passes were out.  Even at 9:30 in the morning the line was long.  We lucked out and got to go in the fast pass line.  Anyway, you sit on a seat that hangs, your feet swing beneath you.  It is like hang gliding, the seat is lifted up high and you are surround by an Imax screen.  With the chair tilting forward and side to side, with a breeze blowing and the  smell of oranges, you feel like you are flying through all the big sights in California.  It is definitely a must do ride.


B at Epcot

B at the koi pond in the Japanese Pavilion.


On the way to Hollywood Studios

Well, going to Hollywood Studios was a bust for us.  B wanted no part of a park.  All we managed to see was the Little Mermaid live on stage.  If you see this, do not sit in the first few rows, it rains on stage and you get wet.  (Really, it's not Disney if they don't spray water on you.)  B liked it enough, but after that, she didn't want to go on anything else.  She had a bit of a tantrum.   We ran over to Rock and Roller Coaster so I could get a ride in.  This is my favorite roller coaster.  It goes from 0 to 60 in seconds.  Inversions, twists and no big drops.  As we walked back to the hotel, B turned back into a nice kid - almost like magic.  We put our suits on and hit the pool.

Hanging out at the pool

With Mike in the water

On the way to dinner at Tokyo Dining at Epcot. I love this dress. 
I love the sandals.  She looked so cute.  She found the box of popcorn
in her stroller and snacked on the way to dinner.


Waiting to go home (With B's new Mickey).  All of us
are exhausted.  Next trip, more pool time.

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