Monday, March 9, 2009

Natural Desserts Strawberry Jel Dessert

B went to a birthday party two weekends ago and they served Jello.  B had never had Jello, mostly because it just isn't on my radar.  I haven't had Jello in decades (totally not a stretch to say that).  B liked it, so I decided to see if I could find it at Whole Foods Market.  I was picking up flour and yeast and found this jel dessert with the other baking supplies.  I actually didn't know it said "jel dessert" until I made it today.  I bought strawberry and raspberry.  Today,  I made the strawberry.  The dessert was so easy to make, just boil water and mix it with the enclosed packet.   Here is a photo of the box - not sure why it is blurry.  

There is a review at Veganessentials.
The reviews are decent.

The finished product.

It tastes OK.  B ate a little more than half a serving.  Jel or Jello has a weird texture.  B gagged a bit towards the end of her snack.  We'll see if she eats it again.  I might make some raspberry juice to use when I make the raspberry jel - that might boost the nutritional value and the flavor.

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