Saturday, March 28, 2009

Disney Day 4

On our way to the Magic Kingdom.

We got into the park early because of our reservations to the Crystal Palace. It was cool to walk down Main Street USA when it was practically empty. I got a decent shop of....

Cinderella's Castle

We were late getting to breakfast, but were still seated quickly.  The breakfast was OK, not a very organized place.  But, this is where I ate the most incredible (since WigWam french toast) french toast ever!  So good, I ate two pieces.  Almost like a a cross between funnel cake and a donut that was rolled in cinnamon sugar and made into french toast.  Light and tasty, no syrup needed at all.  OK, now for the real reason we were there.....for B to see the characters.

Tigger, Mike and shy B.

B and Eyeore.

B and Pooh.

B looking through the back of the chair.

B on the carousel.

Goofy in a parade.

B and her new ears.

We got to ride with the monorail captain in the first car.
We rode the monorail from the Magic Kingdom the Epcot to get some lunch.
The ride was cool, B loved it!

Mike at Dinner.  We ate at Spoodles at the Boardwalk.  This used to be one of our 
favorite restaurants.  Now it is marginal.  The waiter was good though and 
so was the dessert.

B showing off her Lightning McQueen toy.  

Me and B at Dinner.

B running from the Boardwalk to Epcot.  She went up to everyone
we passed, said hello, then faked sneezed to get a reaction.  Cute, 
but then I am her mother.

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