Sunday, March 1, 2009

4 Beans Coffeehouse

A friend told me about 4 Beans, saying they have the best coffee in the area.  The coffee I have been buying at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's doesn't always taste that good.  I thought maybe if I try and find locally roasted beans, my coffee might taste better.   Fresher beans and all.  We went there today before we hit Target. B wanted a banana, so while she ate the banana and they bagged up my beans, I had a cup of decaf in a ceramic cup.  I love that option!  So, the coffee was very good.  The best out of any other coffee shops in the area.  I thought it could have been hotter, but my husband assured me he saw steam.  ( I like my coffee steaming hot.  I will not drink lukewarm coffee, I toss it out and get it hot from the carafe.)  You get free refills if you use a (provided) ceramic cup, and $0.50 refills if you use paper.   I would like this to be my go-to place for beans.  It is a bit out if the way, but the coffee really is that much better than the other stuff.  

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