Friday, March 27, 2009

More Disney!

Here are some pictures from the trip.

DAY 1: We travel and hit Epcot.

B took this photo of me at the airport

Mike and B on the plane.  Notice, B still has on her PJ bottoms.

Mike and I woke up at 4 am to get to the airport. B at 4:30.  We were beat.  We lucked out that our room was ready when we got to the Beach Club.  Tried to get B down for a nap. No luck, so we headed out to walked around Epcot.  B liked looking in all the stores and had a good time watching the model trains next to Germany in the World Showcase.  We had dinner  - a clambake - at the Cape May Cafe at our hotel.  Not the best, but we wanted to stay close to the room and go to sleep early.  Which we did.  8:30.

DAY 2.

Our first morning on the way to breakfast at the 
Captain's Grille at the Yacht Club.  This is wear we ate breakfast most mornings. 
Doesn't B look like a smarty reading the paper?

A photo of me and B at Animal Kingdom.  We are waiting 
to see Tigger, Pooh, and Eyeore.

I was afraid B would be a afraid of the characters.  On the contrary, 
she rushed right up.  I will brag and say she also waited patiently.  I
attribute this to Montessori.

Eyeore was the cutest!

Tigger bounced up and down (just like a Tigger)
when it was B's turn for a picture.

B's first ride.  The Triceratops Spin.  She liked it until 
she had to put on the lap belt.  Then she freaked.  
Whimpered the whole ride.  Truth is, when it went up in the air,
 I freaked a bit too.  Just don't like heights.

B, with one of my favorites, Goofy.  She got a hug from Pluto too!

A gorilla from Animal Kingdom. 

Our airline, Air Tran,  was great.  It wasn't too expensive, and upgrading was pretty cheap too.  It was nice to have bigger seats, even if Mike sat across the aisle.  B was good on the plane.  I had new books and shows on the iPhone.  

I have to admit, I thought B would like the rides more than she did.  At Animal Kingdom (my favorite park where we spent 2 mornings) we rode the Triceratops Spin, the Safari, Mike rode Expedition Everest (I chickened out because it goes backward), saw Flights of Wonder (the best bird show) and saw Finding Nemo: Live on Stage.  Finding Nemo was fantastic.  Before when we've gone to Disney, we haven't seen a lot of shows.  We still didn't see all the shows I wanted to see, but oh well.  Mike and I adopted the attitude this trip is for B.  She has never been anywhere like Disney.   I also thought we would see more things.  Oh well.  

After our first day at Animal Kingdom we hit the pool in the afternoon and had dinner at Boma, a restaurant at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Boma is a buffet, definitely not my favorite way to eat, but it has so many different foods, and good desserts and press pot coffee.  (My advice if you order it: ask the waiter to wait and press the pot at your table.  Our waitress must have pressed it right away, because it was weak.  I pulled the filter back up and let it sit before I pushed the plunger back down.) After dinner we headed to Epcot, to ride Nemo again and see the fire works.   

More in the next post.  

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